Firearms Experience & Home Defense Options

If you are new to firearms or have never even used one, this option is designed to progressively build your comfort level.

I have performed these custom courses for countless individuals AND families, who want to know more about home storage especially when children are present.  Call me for more information on our suggestions as they relate to YOUR family.

No matter your culture, age, sex, or disability, you will have a positive experience and useful skillset.

Continued Education You Can't Get at an Indoor Range

Perforating paper targets from a confined space (shooting lane) in an indoor range is great for practicing those fundamentals...if you can restrain your flinching from the loud blaster in the lane next to you :)


My range facilities allow for drawing, movement, and various protocols of fire...all the things you generally cannot do at an indoor range.  

I will teach you the fundamentals that you can PRACTICE at an indoor range, but keep coming back for realistic training scenarios and instruction!

Team Building

There is nothing quite like the Team BONDING that occurs, when folks share a new, exhilarating experience together!

I have delivered 100's of Team Building events for companies like Google, AMEX, Proctor & Gamble, as well as SMB organizations.  

Months after an event, I have received emails and phone calls, letting me know how the program was the most important and fun activity they have had.  Often, it leads to firearms ownership and an entre' to family participation in shooting sports.



About the Firearms Concierge

Dedicated Instructor

My name is Zev Nadler and I will be your Instructor.  And while I am about to tell you 'all about me', it's because I do not have any other Instructors by design. Contact me and find out why! 

(*we do add Range Safety Officers (RSO) as needed.)

I hold several NRA Certifications and have personally instructed over 11,500+ New Shooters in firearms safety as well as the proper operation of same.  As part of my Continuing Education, I've taken and continue to take, dozens of handgun, carbine and long-range courses.   

I introduced the use of AR15's and Glock handguns to the Tour Industry in Arizona.  Back in 2007, I performed all the necessary requirements to be awarded an endorsement from the Scottsdale Convention and Visitor's Bureau (SCVB). 

Having been the Western Territory Manager for one of the top distributors to gun stores in the US, and National Sales Director for a legacy firearms company, my experiences as an instructor, and operator of firearms are unique in this industry.

High-Quality Equipment

While I encourage firearms owners to always bring their firearms when training, I do offer well maintained of firearms as loaners.  This works great for Team Builds as well as Family or Individual experiences.

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If you have questions about my programs, feel free to send me a message. We will get back to you as  soon as possible.

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